Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ennai Paar Yogam Varum

4 Reasons why I can identify myself with a donkey:

1. Once upon a time, paper was a staple diet for me.
2. My singing skills.
3. I like 'kick'backs!
4. My dad, whenever he is annoyed with me refers to me as "Erumakada" - being a guy, I can't take it from my dad. So I choose not to be erumakada, but rather, a kazhudhai!


NIRMAL said...

In proper Chennai Tamil :)
its kaaidha

enna kaaidha shokka blog adikeeera :P

Sridhar said...

Dude.. I just realized, its been a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile since, I saw a donkey... Come may 8th, I will be around donkeys, I guess... :-) But truly, I am amazed at the source of motivation you got for this blog. :)

umm oviya said...

more curious about the yogam. did it work for anyone?

Gayatri said...

what's the yogam bit all about??

Karthik Sriram said...

@umm oviya and gayatri,

this is no bit. I'd been to an amusement park here called Busch Gardens, where as usual, there were animals with which makkal could take photos. I didn't pose near the donkey as then people would call it double action and trick photo. So I photographed the donkey alone. And when I was looking through photos on my laptop saw this and was reminded of the brief surge of "Ennai Paar - Yogam Varum" stickers which became popular in Madras around 2004 kinds. And added some self-galeej along with it to make it more humorous.


Blogeswari said...

Yenda ippadi Kaaiydha-ya insult pandra?

ps : enna periya pistha-vaa? disable comment moderation I say!

Arun Sundar said...

Who phrased this 'ennai paar yogam varum'?

If I google it out, some damn tamil movie name comes.