Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Down The Memory Lane..... 2

I was, unashamedly, a HUGE fan of super hero fantasy series. DD was playing to my likes, back then and was playing He-Man on Friday evenings and it really did set the tone for the weekend.

Friday morning was one of the most expected (bettered only by saturdays when Young World used to be published along with The Hindu). Those were the days when you used to get a magazine called Siruvar Malar (சிறுவர் மலர் ) on fridays and I used to hurriedly glance through it, through the breakfast which my mom or dad (whoever had the time) used to feed me with (ஊட்டி விடுவாங்கோ !!!) - mentally noting which story had to be read over the weekend. In school, more or less, it was a discussion about what will happen in He-man for that week.

Coming to the series itself, I had an odd taste that apart from He-Man and Battle Cat, I liked Orko and Ram-Man - and used to hate it when Man-At-Arms or Teela used to help He-Man in his fights. My He-Man craze also made me buy those 'genuine' He-Man action figures from Leo Mattel and on many Saturday afternoons, I would be found with the action figures - My mother still ascribes me being mentally retarded to playing with those He-Man action figures.

My He-Man craze reached a peak when I somehow got a unbreakable look-alike of the Power Sword and many evenings, I will be sitting on my dad's bike (substitute for Battle Cat) and use my various neighbor kids as Skeletor or Orko (depending upon my current mood). By virtue of me being huge right from the day I was born, I was ALWAYS He-Man and guys who were designated as Skeletor really got bashed and more than once, matters reached the level where their mothers would come and complain to my mother - who simply had no option as she knew that if she scolded me then, later, she would become Skeletor and get bashed by me. :)

Though I also liked Spider-Man (the one liners were super) and Superman, He-Man, always remains my childhood hero!!!

For Old Times' Sake:


Gayatri said...

you know what the sad part is, He-man comes on Chutti Tv in tamil and he fights "vettaiyan" in it.. Wanted to kill myself

Vijay said...

I was seeing He-man in you-tube just a few days back. Those were the days of DD-1 and DD-2. We would wait expectantly for the weekend for these cartoons.

I also liked the small cartoon series "Shazam" - the 15 minute episodes that used to come every now and then.