Monday, March 24, 2008

Lessons from the India - Australia Series Down Under

I did a similar post once and this is the second time, though the circumstances differ!

1. Agarkar less India managed to win the CB series. {I know I'm picking on the poor guy, but: Of course, the group of people who don't answer to the name Ajit Agarkar will go to sleep knowing that he got Rs. 80 lacs. I sincerely hope they actually get some sleep. As a member of this illustrious group, I can tell you that sleep is hard to come by.}. Hopefully with 'real' allrounders emerging and 'genuine' pace bowlers performing, Agarkar won't be getting any more of those "Rs. 80 Lac Prize Money" Cheques!!

2. Thatha Tendulkar, did prove that even when walking with a walking stick, in determination and hard work, he had no equals in Indian cricket.

3. Sodha a.ka Dada Ganguly's, and Past-his-prime Dravid's sympathizers were given a sucker punch when the team won in the CB series final, 2-0. Once again, the game proves to be bigger than a few big-mouthed men.

4. Piyush Chawla seems to be a fine prospect. Compared to the over-hype pakoda... sorry Bhajji, this kid seems to still remember that a spinner needs to flight the ball to get wickets!

5. Dhoni, is the latest no nonsense player who seems to be a more sensible version of motor-mouth Ganguly. Hope he stays this way.

6. Much has been said about I. Sharma being the find of the tour. I agree, but his hairstyle does play a part too in his success :P

7. Rohit Sharma is being over hyped - He is good, no doubt, but too many have been killed by the "Next Tendulkar"tag noose.

8. Praveen Kumar will last exactly for an year after which he will join the ranks of Nehra, Sodhi and Balaji.

9. The series win took the spotlight away from Yuvraj's pathetic form. In the test series he was sleeping and in the ODI series he was sleep walking. And is the knee injury for real or is it Ganguly's Injury Saga, remade with Yuvraj (with Deepika Padukone getting a heroine role?)

10. Do India really need a coach, especially in ODIs where Thatha has played more matches than all the other team members put together have played?

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Sridhar said...

I believe you are finding it difficult to move on with Indian cricket. An honest attempt at your sarcasm - Thatha, Sodha and Passing the primetime - is more a derogatory comment than a funnier note. See, Saurav and Dravid are just two players who have been succesful enough to win matches for India. And I honestly, do not accept your opinion that we won because they were not there. I could easily spot two players with the same utility function in the present side who can be replaced with these two. It is just that Dhoni did not want them in the side in view of preparing for the world cup. Do not ascribe too much against Ganguly and Dravid.