Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Down the Memory Lane.... 1

You never know, but there are certain things which throw you back to your childhood days. They could be that photograph where you and your sibling stand before a faded wall or could be the smell of rain soaking the earth.. for me a lot of things remind me of my child-hood days. This Down the memory lane series of blogposts is dedicated to enlist some of those "port keys" which transport me to another world, another time.....

This video... I think first came about when I was in UKG or 1st Standard, when advertisement slots were the only time when I could be fed. I still remember mom and dad keeping food ready and as soon as the advertisements started rolling, used to "ooti"-vittufy me with sadham and kari. This ad was one of my favorites. I was so affected by this ad that my dad had to get me one pencil each day as I used to run the pencil on the road on my way back from school. And even in school, my friend and me used to race our pencils on bench tops. He used to have another brand of pencils, supposedly the "American" pencil, characterized by those yellow colors and a "rubber" on top of it. So it was more or less like India Vs USA kinda battle in class and I used to remember other guys in class crowded around our bench to watch our pencil fight. And frequently, I won (more due to fraud), I used to eat the eraser from his pencil, with the result that his pencils always had a chewed top and I invariably always had a bad stomach due to over eating of erasers.

Thats it for now and hopefully will find more stuff like this online to remind me of my antecedents... :)

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