Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best Romantic Numbers in Tamizh Cinema

Mush day here once more. Archies makes a killing as do florists who can even sell arugumpull to some ilichavaayan. Last year, I listed out some romantic movies, ranted and riled and also a tale with a twist.This time around, came up with this list of my favorite romantic songs - in some songs, the picturization is good. In some the lyrics are good. In some both are awesome. Feel free to suggest more and I shall add them.

For those who are yet to "propose",

For those young starstruck lovey-doveys


For those of you who are married, I can hear you groan when you see the guy getting married so many times :P

Awesome Lyrics

Perhaps an idea for a date?

One of my Favs

Good picturization plus lyrics.

This list is pretty contemporary - I have missed out lots of classics - but then, this mush day is for teens and twenty somethings, not 30 plus and 40 plus kizhavaals.


Blogeswari said...

Are you running out of ideas / things to write about. Youtube-lerndu 10 paatu poattu, adukku oru title..

Ellam pudu girlfriend vandha kashtakaalam

NIRMAL said...

Dei oruku ubadeasam pannura..un kadhala mudala sollu [:D]

I love "Urugadhey Marugadhey" from VEYIL.
Lyrics are too good.

Shreya Goshal at her best so is Shankar Madhevan who has so many fast numbers to his credit sang this song in a different pitch.

I like it a looooot!!!

Unnale Unnale Title track is also superb one of best songs of 2k7

Karthik Sriram said...

@ Blogeswari,

//Ellam pudu girlfriend vandha kashtakaalam//

Shriya has still not moved to the US... She is still in India. Needhaan edho introduce ellam panni vaikare nu sollitu pannave maatengra. :(

@ Nirmal,
//Dei oruku ubadeasam pannura..un kadhala mudala sollu [:D]//

Machi, adhey reply daan - kaadhal ellam sollanum na, India varanum - adhukku oru 2000 dollar selavu and then goto Mumbai, Shriya veetukku poi solradhu and all that seems too much da.


Dushti said...

Looks like somebody is getting all too romantic :p

Karthik Sriram said...

Cha Cha - oru chinna payyana ellaruma serndhu otraanga.. idhai ketka aale illiya?


NIRMAL said...


Evalu peru da en Uncle's Daughtera sight adipinga

Ellam neram da

Americala edhavidhu oru DESI figurea madakara valiya paru

Indiala irrukara figuresey nanga nalla parthukurom :D

ambi said...

intha LKS, i'm in Romantic mood!nu sollittu paatu podu, post podu, y beating around the bush..? :p

LOL on nirmal's comment. :))

Deepa said...

Some day you'll become wise and edit the last line.