Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Minnale - The Memory Remains....

Managed to get another Minnale Veriyan's answers for a 101 Minnale questionnaire to celebrate 7 years since Minnale released on 3rd February, 2001.

  1. How many times have you seen Minnale?
    To be precise 70+

2. The film has no great technical value nor great acting nor a great story..... what is it that made you see it so many times?
“FEEL GOOD HAPPY ENDING , good humor, nice emotions of frenship, enemity”

3. Which character do you identify yourself most in the movie?
I liked Vivek’s character (always looking out for OUT OF FOCUS ppl in photos)

4. If the ending of the movie was like Reena marrying Rajiv, would you still identify yourself with the character that you said in 3?

Only in movies like Minnale, US mappla’s get bulb but in reality its other’s way around,

if this was the ending it’s a practical one.

5. Any scene reflects an event in your life?
I enjoyed the first twenty mins more than the whole movie. College scenes were really superb esp Maddy performance in college scenes was superb.I liked the scene where Maddy says “sister sonnangalam brother stop …”

6. Would you lie to impress a girl?

No I wont!

Movie is different life is totally different.

7. Have you ever fallen in love with an unknown girl - a totally unknown girl, about whom you know nothing?

Tough Question. Yeah Trisha was one.

8. Have you ever been caught by the traffic police? What happened?
Yeah twice.

In 11th std,First time in Mount round, I was keeping left I dint know there was LANE rules in that particular stretch.

I had MCWOG license and that police man was a nice fella he just said this stretch has LANE rules and u are driving in BUS lane and let me off

Second time,I took free left thinking it was free left,got caught and paid 50Rs fine.

9. Do you smoke?
No not yet.

10. Were you a prankster (what did u do, majorly?) in college or a goody two shoes?
Silent guy

11. Have you ever freeya vittufied a friend for a figure??
Noooooooo definetly not. It good fun when you are with guys why would I do it? But its good fun to see those very *NICE GUYS* in college.

12. Have you changed as a person from what you were in UG to now?

Yeah a lot. Change is good.


NIRMAL said...

we planned a lot remember!!!
we planned a chat conversation also to be put in blog,cha cha
nothing happened :(

Anyways 2k9 is there na!!!
Hopefully we will post what we intended next year!!!

Aishwarya Rao said...

Hehe. Your so funny Karthik. I didnt know any one who did this kind of thing b4! But I bought a Minnale cassette and listened it to it 443 times before it pinjufied!

Sridhar said...

Dude... So jobless you are man. OMG!! Never seen such fanatic madness. You guys are seriously - "Thamizh cinema pathu kettu pona naigal"..

Ok. No Offense...

Dushti said...

oh man...you guys are crazy :p
btw, what happened to those cine quizes? no enthu or no time ? ;-)

Karthik Sriram said...

@ Dushti,

Combo of both - Work (I graduated recently), Orkut Tamil CInema community moderation and some other arbit activities are taking up my time....


Dushti said...

o oh...so you no more the busy grad student eh? vetti oppicer aayacha ;-)

Karthik Sriram said...

yeah... vivek style, naanga ellam vetti ya irukardhula ROMBA STRICT-u!!


madhan said...

maddy was smart as a student