Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Romance and Tamil Movies

Perhaps I was inspired by the list published by on must watch english and hindi valentine movies. Well, as Love is always a constant feature of Tamil movies, I thought I could as well make a list of good movie to watch on mush day.

1. Alaipayuthey
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This was one of the landmark romance movies which talks about life, post marriage. Natural performances from Maddy and Shalini made this one of the biggest hits of 2000. Songs from ARR and their picturisation had a major hand in the film being a colossal hit. Mani Ratnam displays his mastery over cute romance scenes and also middle class life scenes (Pyramid Natarajan and Shalini's father give excellent performances).

2. Dum Dum Dum
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This again is a cute film by Azhagamperumal (an assistant to Mani Ratnam, a coincidence?) where the film starts atypically with the bride and groom not wanting to marry and when they resign themselves to the fact that they are destined to be married, destiny tears them apart and from then on, the film takes a jolly ride to unite them finally. Definitely worth for the take it easy romance scenes and of course, Maddy.

3. Ghajini
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A badly remade movie, but nevertheless, had some very enjoyable but illogical romance between Surya and Asin. There was some talk that the main success of this movie was due to Asin and the that much telecast song, Suttum Vizhi Sudare. That's the reason why this revenge drama gets its place in this list.

4. Kaakha Kaakha
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A well made movie which brought about a change in the way of film making in tamizh. Again, even though this is a cop thriller, the decency and warmth with which the blossoming of romance between Surya and Jothika make it a V-Day watch!

5. Kandukondein Kandukondein
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A remake of Sense and Sensibility, it explores the psyche of 2 women of diverse characters and the men in their life. The romance between Ajith and Tabu was of the reserved and unspoken type while the romance between Ash - Abbas was the exact opposite, fiery and passionate. Later, when Ash says she loves Mammooty, you cant help smiling. This movie had an amazing soundtrack too, courtesy ARR.

6. Mugavari
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A story about a struggling music director and had warm and natural chemistry between Ajith and Jothika. Definitely, one of the decent and natural love stories on screen (forgive the povirinjachu song)!

7. Kadhalukku Mariyadhai
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A clean romance drama, where for once the pair in love decide not to disappoint their parents. Apart from Poove Unnakaaga and GHilli, this is the only other good Vijay movie.

8. Kanda Naal Mudhal
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A refreshing love story from another assistant of Mani Ratnam (this has happened twice and I don't think its a coincidence) where over the top sentiments and overacting were eschewed and substituted with mature underplayed characters.

9. Minnale
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A highly illogical movie which succeeded because of Maddy, cute scenes, great music and of course, Vivek. Though it dealt with lying to win a girl, Maddy's earnestness made the audience root for him. Reema Sen was a letdown, but didn't matter as the movie won people and box office alike.

10. Vaali
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As taut a thriller you can get in Tamizh Cinema, thismovie had some out of the world acting by Thala in a deaf, dumb but villainous role. But the first half had very entertaining scenes between Simran and him and Jothika and him. Though this movie also has Ajith lying like crazy, his exuberance sucks you in.

11. Mouna Ragam
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The trend setting film from Mani Ratnam which had some amazing chemistry between the lead pair(s). This movie was primarily responsible for establishing Karthik as a hero in Tamizh industry. The case was also helped by some extraordinary BGM and songs from the maestro Ilayaraja. The flashback scenes where Karthik comes are still remembered by tamizh audience with "Mr. Chandramouli" being a part of cinema legend!

12. Mounam Pesiyadhey
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A very different and daring attempt from Surya and Ameer. Surya is has a "hate-Love" attitude and this film shows the way he falls (and how!) in love. The ending was a bit contrived and could have been better.

This my list and I know lots of people out there may think of adding / omitting a few. Feel free to add your choices in the comments section.

Thanks to Balaji for the reviews.


Yuva said...

Good list man . Missed "idayath thamarai" i guess . All relatively new and urban flicks . How about some old and rural romantic ones ?

Karthik Sriram said...

Good point Yuva, Perhaps the next post will have memorable rural movies list from me......

NIRMAL said...

U seem to like the movies i also liked i think 7 on 11 matches my favorite too.
Loved watching them.

I also liked Kadhal MAnnan. Remeber that was the idea behind many other yester hits including minnale. Guy going after a committed girl

Siddharth said...

A really nice list. I think you can include 'Mozhi' too now. Its definitely worth it.