Thursday, November 08, 2007

My pick of a trailer after Sivaji

இனிய தீபாவளி வாழ்த்துக்கள் !!

I really got a high after seeing the Sivaji trailer - especially the beats when names of technicians come in.. The next trailer of this year, which has enthused me is the one for Billa.

As many tyrants and dictators have done, the line which Ajit mouths here, is apt. Kudos to Vishnu Varadan (or whoever who wrote that bit of dialog). The film has that sleek look - much like the Don (2006) and the last bit of guitar left me wanting for more... Hopefully after duds like Vel, Kannamoochi Yenada, YSR comes up with a good score for this. Going by track record of the Vishnu-YSR movies, I think we can expect a decentish score. Importantly, they have 2 remixes of My Name is Billa and Vethalaya Potendi - Remixes are YSR's fort and I have a gut feeling that he might deliver in My Name is Billa, more than Vethalaya... what with hip hop ctrl-c ctrl-v's. And for once, an Ajit movie has decentish/good stills too. And man, has Nayanthara undergone some liposuction or something - she looks much more the part than Priyanka Chopra in Don, as seemingly Nayanthara is taller and she has the tough look too. Perhaps after some very average (or bad/worst) movies, Ajit may rise to the position he had in 1999-2001.....

For more stills, click here

Balaji has blogged on this too!


NIRMAL said...

Awesome trailer da
it looks damn stylish!

Lets hope the movie EXCEEDS EXPECTATION of everyone :)

We have to wait and watch!
Me too eagerly waiting for YUVAN's album!!

Dushti said...

Trailer ellam nalla dan iruku. Lets see how the movie turns out to be!

Btw, Happy diwali to you too :-)