Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kill the Brahmin - 1

After a really long time, I saw that Krish Ashok and Hawkeye had had a tete-a-tete, albeit of less friendly nature. Its a subject that has been argued ad nauseum and I hope this post does not end up being one more to the heap. 

Tamizh Nadu has been the recipient of lousy atheist propaganda ever since I could remember. Those calling out against the caste system calling out a section of the population as "Paarpan", a tamil scholar explaining that the meaning of the word Hindu in Sanskrit is 'Thirudan' when sitting and having soup for Ramadan with a group of Islam following folks, bad mouthing the saint of kanchi as a hoax, but not having the nerve to call out that 90 percent of terrorism in India spawns from the faulty interpretation of Islam. But we (Tamizh makkal) of course are 'sotraal aditha pindangal' and so conveniently forget that such hypocritical guys are being called as statesman, pagutharivaali etc.

From what I have noticed recently is that all this 'sick'ularism that we have been force fed from our childhood has made people get confused and more often than not self-deprecating. I have met countless tam-brahm friends of mine who speak about how Brahmins encouraged slavery, how reciting the vedas is a trait of atavism and how we, mankind, is at its technological peak. What I'm trying to do here is to just ask a few questions to this section of the population which says vedas are humbug, trying to pass off as 'modern, sophisticated, educated' folks who will bad mouth brahmins, hinduism at every easy opportunity.

1. Stories based on Vedas are Bullshit - they are not believable.
The most consistent argument I have seen from people who do not want to believe in the Vedas is that how they came about to be. They say how can saints/scholars listen to the wind and write down the vedas? They argue that the cell phone technology is so advanced only now and all the yada yada. The best thing about our current generation/mankind is the kind of arrogance that leads them to say that we are at the technological peak that was never seen before. But there is historical proof that humans from BC era were able to predict movement of stars, the lunar and solar cycle and of course the Vedas, much before Galileo or Kepler, very correctly assumed a heliocentric model. But the yuppie puppies will say that but for Galileo we will be still believing that the Earth is flat. And on the same vein, the same populace do not want to acknowledge the fact that while elsewhere people were nomads, during the reign of Karikal Chozhan, a stone dam was built across the Kollidam river, an engineering feat of no small scale. So the basic assumption that our forefathers were technologically backward though propagated, it is not completely proven. While I don't want to appear puerile or a fantasy lover and say that people in the BC time period had a nuclear reactor or some such stuff, I'd like to just say that we do not know - there is always a chance that mankind lost some technology and we are now discovering them, rather than inventing them. While all pagutharivaalis pounce on me, by your own definition of pagutharivu, kindly prove that such technology did not exist before we go further.

2. Brahmins practiced Untouchability - So they must now be subjugated/submissive
This is a really curious thought that has been drilled into our heads. While no one is going to dispute the fact that Brahmins exploited social conditions and practiced untouchability and other social evils, this tit-for-tat logic seems to be applied to only certain section of the people. India as a country did not have any people following Islam till there was the Mughal invasion. And we all were made well aware of how gruesome the invasion was, how come the same logic being applied to Brahmins not being applied to Muslims, the section of the population who owe their origins to the invaders who raped and plundered India? When the Babri Masjid was demolished by Ram Sevaks, the so called Secularist Flag bearers fondly recalled logic such as "Eye for an eye makes the world blind" but then conveniently bury that logic when it comes to discriminating against Brahmins. While quacks such as Nityananda and other fakesters get their due, Hinduism is portrayed as a barbaric and retarded religion, all the while, conveniently, the secular media in India forgets that the Christian church is being plagued by child molesters and sex offenders who masquerade as men of the faith. Why this double standards? I have no particular love or hate for any religion or community. But why do the so called rational/pagutharivu pazhams not apply the same logic to everyone?

There are a few more thoughts - which shall come later.



Arun S said...

Hinduism is not a religion, it is not even a sect, its a 'way of life', an all inclusive one. Not many know that in vedic times there were sects who practiced non-idol worship, and they are also noted in Rig veda. So people making fun of the idol worship and other Hindu rituals need to learn stuff.
The double standards stems from the fact that, am being generalizing here, the supposed lack of 'street smartness', in that we are naives and don't understand the cunning nature of the world. Although this nature is altruistic within itself, and brahmins are mostly a peace loving and 'out of trouble' gene are being exploited. Ask anyone to make fun of Islam, do a 'true' commentary of either Bible or Quoran and let's see what happens to him/her personally. Don't we know what happened to Rushdie's satanic verses?

Also, am proud to be a Brahmin, and more being a Hindu(although not following the customs rigidly) because of the fact that we are true Indians, follow what India stands for, non-violent, never offend, and more than all the 'all inclusive'.
I was astounded reading an article in the week at the turn of the year wherein the author listed ten of his most-wanted changes in the next decade.
Two were against the majority, 'decline of Hindu right wing', and decline of parties using Hindutva as vote bank. None about the rising naxalism, and one requiring 'eradication of terrorism', not even a word about it's main propagandists the Islam.
How many instances should we note as to how Islam is full of hatred and anger (Salman Khan being issued a Fatwa for celebrating Vinayakar chaturthi, yah very very important issue for a religious leader), and the Christian 'miss'io'nari'es(nari in tamizh means Fox), so parasitic and fanatic in converting the 'oppressed' people to their religion.
The other day I was discussing the same to a 'fanatic' Christian (who I judged from the fact that she shouted a Jesus prayer around ten times in a public place - a train), and was astounded by the fanaticism when I came to know that the world without Jesus is hell and they are 'heavenifying' the Earth, and every temple/Mosque were pathways to Hell. She also told that the church pays her some 10k Rs for converting one individual to Christianity, pays for her trips around India, gives free grocery passes etc etc etc, while our most famous and historic monuments are standing low, eroding with time, unloved.
All we need is a revolution that would bring the goodness and the free thinking spirit of Hinduism, and it's all inclusive nature which would be very very necessary if we want to see the next gen living in harmony instead of making the warmongers and war businessmen rich.

Anonymous said...

Completely share your point of view on this matter. In my opinion there is no other religion that has been so much ahead of its time and accomodates changes for the greater good like Hinduism.

Anonymous said...

Completely share your point of view on this matter. In my opinion there is no other religion that has been so much ahead of its time and accomodates changes for the greater good like Hinduism.

Anonymous said...

Try to include these ideas:
Brahmins are responsible for patronizing Hindi, occupying majority of Layer/Advocate type posts, the dead and dusted Aryan invasion myth BS, carefully leaving out the works of azhwars/nayanmars when it comes to glorifying Tamil language, eulogizing Ravanan for killing the aryan god Rama, ironically ravanan being a brahmin,

OnIce said...

Brahmins practised untouchability and manipulated the caste system?really?

Did you know that brahmins are the ones who ensured that inspite of our great tradition of literacy, documentation dating back to a few thousand years, never did any temple or sovereign body do anything remotely similar to our modern day caste census?Why was that so?They did housing registration in east asia(china, Japan, Korea et all), church registration in europe and so forth.That still haunts their outcasts todate.In India we did'nt want to do such a thing that would hurt social mobility.Social rigidity was for brahmins(descendants of vedic rishis)and for rulers.Everyone else had massive mobility.Nobody in the past wanted to be a brahmin(too many regulations and piss poor pay!)

The reason is this, whenever someone committed a heinous crime, they were relegated to the fringe of soceity..India was a shame/guilt society and being outcasted was worse than death.It was reserved for the worst(rarest of the rare?!)crimes/offences and for any brahmin who commited even a minor offence.

Besides India was always a country with a strong society and a weak government so that state control and exploitation of people could'nt take place.This was done by brahmins but is conviniently ignored.

Brahmins being totally away from economic life(they were austere by choice),had no opinion on who is to be outcasted or not, unless ofcourse the subject was a brahmin himself.There are stories of a temple priest who stole food for his starving pregnant wife and when this was discovered, he was outcasted.

Besides after a period land holding became too tiny for the landlords to have any measure of access to larger labour pools, hostile moslem taifas neighbouring most hindu states did'nt help either.So they made the system more rigid in certain ares..who?The soceity.Brahmisn were still in temple towns doing their poojas, punaskaras and stuff.They were always poor and austere so this did'nt mean much to them.

Brahmins in short, were doctors(sushrutha etc), scientists(aryabhatta), scholars(agasthiya) and so forth.They lived austere and honest lives and prayed for the welfare of all beings because it was their code of conduct.

I know my roots, have done my research and am proud of who I am and where I come from.

Never on the face of the earth has there been an upper class/caste which was poor and spent its millenia doing service for its people.This was ancient it resembles nazi germany and guess who represent the jews?Sad story..

BTW you are already half way through the brainwashing process, although not as bad as the others(wannabes) you have mentioned.They(brahmins) did'nt even engage with others, where is the question of untouchability?

An ancient brahmin's profile closely resembles that of ancient druids and a modern one's, that of the jews'.