Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Current Events - Rant for the month

Its been a while since I saw 'The Daily Show' or 'The Colbert Report' my source of humor, satire and of course, news! Things I learnt over the last few days are:

1. Vivos Doomsday bunker

Fox News is fast becoming Paranoids Anonymous by trying to scare people out of their wits just because there is a black democrat president in the office. While anyone who is an American has to be feeling thankful for the fact that they survived W - the greatest catastrophe let loose on this country, Fox News is trying to scare the living daylights out of anyone who cares to see that moron channel. The dollar is sinking, jobs are being shipped abroad, terrorists are planning to annex America, Mexico is planning to release Swine Flu 2.0 blah blah blah. The top of the scare mongers is this guy Sean Hannity - he is a lying, two faced journo (I'm using the word Journo very very loosely here) who is fine with convicted felons working on his show, but questions Obama's citizenship (which is now so boring that seriously this dude needs to stop referring to it). In fact, I can challenge any one to see Fox News for a week and still say they are not depressed or feeling some kind of psychological disorder.So on top of all this comes this.

Now, come on, do these guys think that people will seriously buy this kinda of scare fueled services? And apart from providing a service that is seemingly safe from Nuclear, Volcano, Terrorist attacks, the best of the features are protection against PLANET X (if a planet collides with Earth), Global Tsunami and ANARCHY. If at all there is going to be any anarchy, then it will be from those folks who are Fox News Patronizers. Those of the tea party group which will not pay taxes but will complain if the roads are not of the pristine quality they expect them to be. Touche, Fox news and terra vivos!

2. English Sports

Be it any sport, England always has a team that is a contender. In fact barring the World T20 title that they have won recently, their soccer and cricket teams have sucked pretty much in every major event. But that does not stop them from tagging themselves as contenders for the title every time. So it was with utmost glee that I saw them being bundled out in their own jock straps to the ol' country. Rooney who looks like Paa Amitabh (he is 24 years old and balder than Rajini Kanth, no less), is a hyped up guy any day. Of all the superstars who came into this World Cup, I think he had the least time under the spotlight. I was hoping he would be his usual self and kick some one in their balls and get red carded out - unfortunately did not happen.

3. Rahul Gandhi

I really do not understand why this guy gets so much attention. After Ilayathalapathy Vijay, one guy who is completely unsuitable for the job he is doing/wants to do is Rahul Gandhi. Looking like a cross between a lost puppy and those 'pseduo intelluctual', jeans and kurta wearing leftist guys (this category of jeans kurta, kurundhaadi, kudumi hairstyle guys deserve an entire post - for being the most wannabe bunch ever), the media tries to hype this guy to glory. Recently, there was a poll on CNN-IBN (yeah, the same guys who are also paid for being the PR for the Congress party) or NDTV (again, belonging to the league of Congress Chamchas) asking something about R. Gandhi's marriage and what he should wear etc. All this when there is a global recession and economic uncertainty. Surely, the Gandhi family continues to be a primary hindrance to any progress that India might make. And on the same topic of how Congress and Gandhi family has screwed India, seemingly, the way that Anderson got let go in the Bhopal Tragedy seems very close to how the Hindujas and Quattarochchi was let go in the Bofors scam. Vaazhgha Jananaayagam, vaazhgha Gandhi Pugazh!


Anonymous said...

Your take on Headlines Today's horrendous headlines? Next post maybe?

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

Thankfully, I do not see CNN-IBN/Headlines Today/Times Now etc.

Nirmal said...

Looks to me like one of our phone converstations translated into this post!

Regarding Team England.
Dude,it is really sad that many people in the heat of FIFA WC 2010 rip apart England. They are good side in paper.To the limited knowledge i know abt EPL each and every player is good and they dint play well as a team. Agreed..they lost.. You cant compare a team like England with any new teams..remember Kenya went to WC 2003 in africa. Do you mean to say they were better? It might be one tournament wonder..I dont defend england but i am really amused abt the DESI MS GRAD US SETTLED guys routing for USA.
Come on..
Opinions differ!!

Rahul Gandhi.
I like this guy. Yes he is from a royal lineage. Yes he is influential. But if he is good enough why not let him rule?
Say there are so many corrupt ppl in politics...let alteast some cleaner ppl rule.
if he stand for 2014 PM,i will def vote for him.
Take case of Maran. I am not a fan of SUN group..or his party but atleast he made a name for himself in ministry and did..
again politics is caste based/language based..it is not worth arguing abt..

Yr blog style has changed..seems like u hv picked up style of someone whom we know...

naduthu nadhuthu... ;)