Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dilli 6

Dilli 6 released almost unnoticed, with all the hullabaloo over குப்பத்து நாய் லட்சாதிபதி KupputhuNaai. The Masakalli song has managed to corner the spotlight, partly due to its un-understandable words, there are quite a few other songs which were quite good. The movie is directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra comes after Rang De Basanti and so, naturally, there are two fold expectations - whether ROM will go above and beyond his previous effort and the other expectation is to see if Rahman, will give out a completely new genre of music like he did with RDB.

Dilli - 6 music is definitely different - you wouldn't associate the songs with Rahman if you listened to it with no prior information about the songs. But, increasingly I can see that even though songs coming from Rahman retain certain trademarks of the Mozart from Madras, I can see those assistants contributing something new to his albums, which is one way Rahman's music is always in sync with the times. In this album, my pick of songs: Masakalli, Dil Mera (Dil Gira), Hey Kaala Bandar, Rehna Tu and Arziyaan (Maula mere maula).

Masakalli has that un-explainable thing to it - perhaps the weirdo lyrics? - which makes you like the song. The song has this refreshing feel to it and the voice of the singer is quite interesting too.

Dil Mera (Dil Gira Dafatan) has some super starting vocals which sounds more like a soft rock number and then gently drifts into a superb Guitar piece. The transition is class - typical Rahman. And the songs builds up tempo with layers of music attaching to the song. Rahman's genius will definitely touch in this number.

Rehna Tu - Nowadays his signature, this song has lead vocals by Rahman himself. Sounds a lot like a soft jazz number. As I have always wondered, it is quite a mystery to me how a 42 year old guy can sound so young. The song has a quite a eclectic mix of string instruments - it has an acoustic, electric guitar playing for the most part and there's a hint of some arabic strumming (what isntrument?) and in the end, there is some fantastic carnatic ragam played out (as I'm ராகம் challenged, I can't tell you what it is) which is played on the keyboard to resemble some wind instrument (a cross between some kinda flute and something else). Class!

Arziyaan (Maula mere Maula) - I'm not that comfortable understanding hindi. Though not as bad as "ek gaun mein ek kissaaan....", I depend on a Hindi Pandit who gets quite irritated when referred to as a pandit :). So, to me, Maula comes across as a muslim word and thus, somehow this song reminds me of Khwaja in Jodha Akbar. But I think this is like the qawwali style over the sufi style in the other.

Hey kaala bandhar - My limited hindi tells me its something like Hey black Monkey - that gives you an idea about the song - it has a hip-hop/Rap feel to it. And has those usual DJ type music. The magoodi-like sound actually gets you hooked.

So here you go:

Masakali - Delhi 6

Dil Gira Dafatan - Delhi 6

Hey Kaala Bandar - Delhi 6

Rehna Tu - Delhi 6

Aarti Tumre Bhavan Mein - Delhi 6



kutti said...

the carnatic piece at the end of rehna thu is actually played on an instrument called continuum.

i was at the ARR concert in Chicago in 2007 and he had just acquired the instrument then and did a small demo in tat concert..... looks like he will start using it prominently :-)

Gradwolf said...

Masakalli actually has pretty simple lyrics other than the word Masakalli itself. Maula is indeed Urdu word. It is just Allah rather. And Arziyan has some wonderful lyrics - Morammat Muqaddar ki kar do Maula(God, mend my fate).

The instrument that plays in the end is Continuum

Apparently when Rahman was gifted this when he last toured US and started learning it then.