Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blog Music Widget

Grooveshark provides you with the ability to add music to your blog in the form of a playlist. Check it out. Its pretty cool. I never knew Kula Shaker and all that would be available!


RukmaniRam said...

such players have been around for quite a while, last.fm being my favorite. anything spl abt tis?

p.s: you've GOT to learn o better format ur blog across platforms. the player blocks half the left side of ur posts

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

@ RukmaniRam

I have not used last.fm.

Also, I use Google Chrome browser which displays my post perfectly. But that is not an excuse for the fact for my non-existant HTML skills. The only thing I know about HTML is the abbreviation.

RukmaniRam said...

its not too difficult to fix it. blogger allows simple manipulations of the template.