Sunday, November 30, 2008

Long Weekend Round-Up

This was the first long weekend I stayed at home and did nothing else. I made a mad dash 1 day trip to Atlanta for Memorial Day and for July4th, I had a 20 hour day @ Disney. So I actually ended up really taking it easy and slow these 4 days - 12 hour sleep sessions, home cooked food (more out of economic considerations for my ever thinning wallet :P ) and movies on my new tv. Talking about the TV, this was the first thanksgiving where I ended up richer - the TV I got dropped $150 in its price and Circuit City has a 60 day policy that if their prices drop they reimburse 110 percent of the price drop. No wonder they declared bankruptcy. 

Mumbai - The 24-hour invading media coverage was downright "uvaaack". This congress government is the MOST ineffectual government, after the one headed by V.P. Singh and Chandrasekhar. Dr. Manmohan Singh does not have the backbone to demand an extradition of Dawood from Pakistan. All the useless makkal who voted for Congress in 2004, hope you realized your foolhardiness. The only thing the Gandhi family cares about is what is good for Rahul and Priyanka and ofcourse, Sonia Gandhi. The country can go bankrupt, terrorists can play mangaatha at India Gate - they do not care! Wake up and perhaps vote for a better party - I do not subscribe to Narendra Modi's divisive politics, though deep down, I'm not opposed to declaring India as a Hindu Republic. The cost for being secular and inclusive is apparently, is too much to accept people like Deccan Mujahideen (I believe its Indian organization, which means, muslim Indian citizens after enjoying every bit of their citizenry, indulge in this - so let them go to the country which is suited to their needs and desires - Pakistan perhaps) But going by his success against terrorism, he might make a good home minister.

Sunsets at Sunshine Skyway 40 miles away from Tampa are awesome. I had a longish walk around a fishing pier and even on my very nomial camera, these pictures came out good. So imagine how good it must have been in person. (see if you can spot the Dolphin)

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