Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Andromeda GIANT

2008 has not been kind to celebrities I like - Kumble retired, Raghuvaran died and now, Michael Crichton . He, apart from P.G. Wodehouse, J. Archer, R.K. Narayan and Sir A.C. Doyle (Sherlock Holmes series only) are the only authors whose every work I've read.

I believe he was my first author of fiction, post the days I used to be hooked on to Three Investigators and Hardy Boys. Jurassic Park and Lost World were the early baits and I loved Congo, Andromeda Strain and more recently, State of Fear, which was an excellent quasi-fiction book (a classification which I extend to books like Da Vinci Code by D. Brown and Three Musketeers by A. Dumas) which mixed fact and fiction so well, that you are simply left awestruck at the end. I have a tendency to play the Devil's Advocate in arguments (just to get under the skin of people) and whenever its global warming, I argue that it is all B.S and I liberally borrow from Crichton's work :)

If you've never read Cricton, I'd recommend these:
1. Lost World (The movie was pure B.S. The book is awesome!!!!)
2. Jurassic Park
3. Andromeda Strain
4. State of Fear
5. Prey (I used to do research on MEMS and NEMS - so I liked it)
6. Timeline (for some strange reason I like it, give it a try)


Arby K said...

It was sad to hear abt Crichton passing away. Same case with me; the first author post Hardy Boys and Three Investigators :) . Rate him as my second favorite author, after Asimov and over Tolkien. Didn't like State of Fear and Prey much, but loved the others u've mentioned and "The Great Train Robbery" as well.

sudhakar said...

not read them,but have seen Cricton's stories as movies.

gils said...

first time here..crichton was my fav author too..aana prey n fear??!! konjam mokkai nu fav list is same as urs..except for these two..i loved terminal man..athu inspire panni oru 9 part mega serial story onnu ezhuthinen..tenth part two yearsa pending :)) i also liked disclosure for its sheer variety and of course jurrasic park..awesome awesome piece of work.