Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Florida - One to be proud of...

For reasons many, I do not like Florida - too much of non-tamizh desi population, Madras-like weather throughout the year and of course the senile population.

But with the Tampa Bay Rays progressing to the World Series, Florida is up there as a Sports-Lover State.

1. Best Sports Team - Gators in NCAA Football - Consistently the best team in SEC. Gators also won the College basketball title quite recently.

2. Tampa Bay Bucaneers - I'm not a fan of this defense oriented team of oldies, but they are a Superbowl winner in the era of Patriots and thats something to be proud of.

3. Miami Heat - Shaq and Wade won the Championship not too long ago.

4. Florida Marlins - 2003 ( and previously in 1997) World Series Winners

5. USF Bulls - The new kid on the block in the Top-25 NCAA CFB Teams. If Selvie doesn't make it to the first round draft pick, I'd be surprised.

6. Tampa Bay Lightning - Stanley Cup Winners.

I do not think any other state has been so dominant in every sport as Florida has been.

Go RAYS!!!!

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Satman said...

Miami dolphins... they had an era...