Monday, January 28, 2008

Bheemaa - is netraya uppumaa

Caught up with Bheema yesterday. The theatre board had a "There will be blood" sign outside the one playing Bheema - it proved to be true on 2 counts:
1. First to last, every character you see, dies
2. Vadivel lingo - Blood? Same Blood!!!


Vikram steals the show. He has proved enough and doesn't need to prove his ease at portraying strongman roles. But sadly, Vikram looks too old in song sequences (make-up man, are you listening?). But his broad shoulders and bulging biceps makes his powerful punches a tad believable.

Prakash Raj - as soon as I saw him in a don role, I thought he would reprise his "chellam!!" role from Ghilli once more. I, for one, was irritated with PR's repeat of those lines in movie after movie. But he has shed that baggage and has performed well. To be honest, if Dhalapathy was ever remade, PR SHOULD fill in the role of Mammooty.

Trisha - is like a pickle. Comes and gyrates in songs and goes away and only substantial scene is the one where she gets killed.

Others: Raguhvaran = wasted.
Thalaivaasal Vijay = a second lease of life?
Aashish Vidyarthi = Eeks - enough of his aeeeei and daaaaais.

Direction and screenplay and stunts:

Lingusaamy - you have proved that Run was a flash in the pan. You messed up in Ji and again here. Lingusaamy thinks he is making cute romantic scenes (like Mani Ratnam), but ends up irritating us. In this age, he asks us to believe that a college going girl falls in love with a thug, for apparently no other reason than that he fell and rolled on her one night.... I don't expect logic in tamizh movies, especially when a person like Dharani says his only motive is to entertain. People like Lingusaamy call his movie technically slick and all that crap and he gives us such a half baked product... And action scenes - every scene you see vikram suspended by ropes (atleast they could have made some effort to hide the rope tugs on vikrams shirt) and in one scene when vikram jumps off from a building and cycles his way down, you are reminded of Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan and its Hanuman! Please don't cheat tamizh audience saying this is slick. And supposedly, you said Billa was made to run.

Though Vishnuvaradhan screwed up bigtime by having the same story, he atleast compensated for it in other aspects. Good stunt sequences and scenes where the rope tugs were almost hard to find.

Music and BGM:

Only 2 songs were good - Mudhal Mazhai and Ragasiya - but they screwed them up with bad/redundant picturisation. Vikram really looks funny when he tries to be the cute romantic, especially in the ragasiya song. Sirupaarvayale looks like a spoof version of Athiradee kaaran.

BGM - the Oru Mugamo bit and the related BGM is good, though the beat is similar to the Jana Gana Mana bit and the related BGM in Aayitha Ezhuthu. The other BGMs are simply laughable, especially one which comes for actions scenes of vikram, the BGM, by the sound of it, was more like an epic movie BGM....


The crowd here was countable - 20 people in a theatre which could seat 150 people and this was the second show in the South Florida region, which houses the max Tamizh people in the florida state.

The first mistake AMR did was to make movies with his son(s) as hero and director. The second was making this movie over this protracted a period.

Verdict: If you are really bored, can watch this once - I saw this movie as there was no football yesterday.

Stars: 1.5/5

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Gayatri said...

I think i'll still watch the movie just for vikram. Remaking thalapathi, hmmm.. I seriously hope not! :)