Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2 irritants I can't tolerate....

1. Hushed tones

If you should not talk - Don't talk - the hushed words put me off completely. If its urgent, write it down and show me.

2. Touch - and - talk

For all those of you who have the habit of nudging people to get their attention, well, I don't like it. When addressed by name, I respond, unless I'm asleep or busy with something else. So, if I don't respond, it doesn't mean you can come and tap me to get my attention - I zimply don't like it.


CoNfUsEd said...

I was actually going through some of my old college notebooks.. The last few pages are completely filled with scribbled conversations :)
Adding to the list of irritating things, people constantly shifting furniture and jumping the apartment above urs! Grrr.. Irritates the day lights outta me..

NIRMAL said...

well karthik early days at work i suppose
you will have or rather meet new sets of wierd ppl with diff attitude

Even i dont like people who tap to grab the attention but at times when you are on headphone listening to music no other go

Aishwarya Rao said...

Haha...Nudging and talking eh? Does it happen even in America ;-)