Monday, February 12, 2007

Jeniffer Aniston and Pachai Kili

I happened to see the movie, Derailed (2005), touted to be the inspiration of Gautam Menon’s latest flick, Pachai Kili Muthu Charam.

First, covering ground on the English original, the movie has two twists – one predictable while with the second twist the director earns a “touchĂ©”! Powerful performances from Clive Owen, Jeniffer Aniston and Vincent Cassell kept me engrossed till the last “shank” was sunk (see the movie to appreciate this pun). The story is about two successful business professionals getting attracted to each other and consequent lapse of reasoning which leads to turmoil in their placid lives. From then on its about how the protagonists try to salvage whatever is left of their lives.

As it happened with Memento – Ghajini, I couldn’t help comparing how the inspired version would be made by Menon. First with the casting – I feel Sharath Kumar has an uncanny similarity to Clive Owen and as for the villain role, it would have been great to see either Rajni Kanth ( from Moondru Mudichu / 16 Vayadhinile days) or Ajith (from Vaali) as the villain has to look good/stylish and also put in a powerful performance. Maddy might also be well placed to do this kind of a sophisticated negative role. But Menon being what he is, might have chosen Milind Soman after careful consideration. And obviously there are two places where the songs will be inserted. One is right after Sharath Kumar – (Jyothika/Andrea) meeting in the train. The other might be after the hotel scene when a sad song might be inserted. One more song might be to establish Sharath's marital life - a melody song mostly!

All in all I’m waiting to see this version of Derailed. And though I enjoyed Ghajini, I felt Murugadas failed to give the same feel of Memento. When I finished seeing Memento, I felt what it was to have short term memory and felt that, that aspect was not present in Ghajini. But to be fair to Murugadas, if Memento was remade as it were, it would not have run even for 1 week – Harris Jayaraj music, Surya – Asin acting notwithstanding. But Menon, if he is remaking Derailed, has made a better choice to remake and has a far easier job than Murugadas and I hope he doesn’t make a mess of it!

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