Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mani Ratnam - Write Up - A request


Planning to do a blog post on the Maestro from Madras Talkies. Please feel free to comment on your favorite 5 Mani Ratnam movies - with reasons if possible. You can also mail me at karthik[dot]sriram[at]gmail[dot]com.


Anonymous said...

mouna ragam: ultimate romance
thalapathi: for showing thalaivar in such a different role
nayagan: just because it's nayagan
idhayathai thirudathe: cos i had a crush on nagarjun then
thiruda thiruda: just a nice flick. and good music

Sri said...

mouna ragam - very rarerly do tamil movies deal with life after marriage.

nayagan - for showcasing kamal's brilliant performance. though the original idea was copied (from Godfather) it was still treated to suit the tamil audience.

kannathil muthamittal - for the madavan-simran chemistry! and for dealing with the LTTE matter which all other 'tamizh' directors only talk abt (barathiraja, cheeman and co - Im talking abt you).

avlo thaan!

M Arunachalam said...

My choice of some good Maniratnam movies are:

No. 1 - Mouna Raagam - For its excellant narration, photography, crisp dialogues & last but not the least for IR's wonderful BGM & superb songs.

No. 2 - Anjali - For the screen-play & nice acting of so many child artistes & kids, especially Baby Shamlee and of course photography

No. 3 - Roja - A truely different story told in an absorbing & interesting manner plus ARR's songs


Kaarthik said...

1.Mouna Ragam - Best of Romance Genre. Awesome Cinematography and Mindblowing Music. Milestone movie for Mani, Ilayaraja, Revathy, Karthik, Mohan, P.C.Sreeram.

2.Anjali- Best Film for Children with outstanding performances. Portrayed the simple upper-middle class family.

3.Roja and Bombay - Can separate the films. Best films on National Integration. Need Guts to deal with these topics and Mani did it.
Refreshing Music of ARR.

4. Alaipayuthe - Again Romance. Stunning Cinematography and Scintillating Music. Typical Mani dialogues, Maddy-Shalini chemistry made this film an all-time fav.

5. Kannathil Muthamittal - Still wonder how Mani got a thought like this. Adopted child goes to meet biological mother. With EEZHAM backdrop. This film motivated me to adopt a child. Simran's best and Keerthana made wonders. Maddy was apt.


Personally I dont like Nayagan and Thalapathy much. But I admire Mani's Brilliance in both the movies

Anonymous said...

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