Monday, June 30, 2008

Inspired Post

Have been seeing Lazygeek and Rosemilkinabottle with their cool song, crappy video series.

I found in TC, there have been 3 songs involving a Jeep with the lead characters - The progression is cool - the first one is where the female lead is the back seat, the next one is with the female lead in the front seat and the last one, they show them with much more chemistry than the previous two. Here goes:

1. Mullum Malarum

For those who say Rajni Kanth is a poor/substandard actor - just see this movie and you'll be forced to eat your own words. No swish swish fingers, no punch lines - but powerful dialogs all the same. This movie had another superb actor - Shobha, playing Rajni's sister who managed to hold her own against the Rajni factor. The climax scene is always a favorite of mine. Wonder if Rajni will ever get back to this mode of films...

2. Vetri Vizha

Kamal Haasan's inspired movie from the Bourne series from Ludlum. The movie is okay, but definitely crappy by Kamal Haasan's Nayagan, Raaja Paarvai standards. But this movie had a killer soundtrack from Ilayaraaja and I remember all of them used to be constant fixtures in OLiyum Oliyum on DD. [Yes, I'm that OLD! 23.95 years old, to be precise :)]

3. Kaakha Kaakha

One of my favorite song picturizations ever. When I do save enough, I will be sure to get a Jeep and remodel it - but don't ask me about the Jothika part - I will be driving solo. :) The movie was an absolute rocker and to think that this came from Gautam (Vasudev) Menon who made another of my favorite movie, Minnale, made him enter my lsit of liked directors which also includes names like Mani Ratnam, Mahendran and Kamal Haasan.

I know I'd get some response on my email about one more video post - but I couldn't help noticing the similarity.


Anonymous said...

:) my mom tells me that this song (mullum malarum one) was very drool worthy in their days cos of sharath babu, who was considered to be a major dude!! hehe

Rukmani Ram said...

Thalaiva! Welcome back!

3 paatu thaana jeep la paadinaanga? namba mudiliye..