Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sivaji - The Review

Student Name: Rajni Kanth

Grade - A+

Comments: Has used the opportunity to display all essential strong points - style, charisma, flair with the right dose of punch dialogs and "swish" "swoosh" hand movements. Every scene involving him has made audience sit up and watch the screen. The bubble gum (placement for centerfresh?) trick, though, CG generated, is a worth follower to the Original Cigarette "snap". Dialog delivery has slightly weakened, because of age. Shines in the confrontation scenes with Suman, with the tea kadai scene being the highlight. Really, இவரோட பெயரைக் கேட்ட உடனே, திரையரங்கு சும்மா அதிருது!! Almost no faults on his performance, delivers more than 100% for the script on hand. I can't imagine any other actor/hero delivering with htis script. Superstar, Superstar thaan!

Student Name: Shankar

Grade: C

Comments: Big time screw up and his poor form from Anniyan continues. Though he has come up with lots of amazing scenes and outstanding song picturisation, he has failed in stringing them up all into a well flowing screenplay! His movies are beginning to be stereotyped (much like Arjun's Bharath matha ki Jai kinda theme) about corruption, politician, rowdyism, black money, cheap education etc. Shankar, take a break, go back to the basics and come back with a better script! Editor Antony is also at fault here and his grade is contained in Shankar's!


Student Name: Shriya

Grade: A

Comments: Perhpas the next Simran on the cards - good looks (understatement?) with okay kinda acting in a limited script. Must learn to smile more. ALways with a lip pout makes for a tiresome viewing.


Student Name: Sujatha

Grade: A

Comments: Excellent dialogues. Bajji kadai dialogs, Suman's dialog to rajni (autokaran, Bus conductor etc) outside the court are supero super! He has delivered what Shankar failed to do.


Students' Name: K.V. Anand, Banu (make up) and Manish Malhotra

Grade: A+

Comments: Though working as a team, they have combined to present Rajni in a never before "Cool" avatar. Every frame rocks. Song picturisations alone make the movie a must watch in theatre. Athiradeekaran will remain as one of the best shot tamil songs for some years. The novel concept in Oru Koodai is surely worth a "repeatu"!! Manish' designer costumes sit perfect on Rajni and the collers and brown coat take the cake. Three cheers to these three!


Student Name: A.R. Rahman

Grade: B

Comments: Songs are nowhere near his personal bests, but Rahman has played to the galleries, especially in Athiradee, where his different attempt has paid rich dividends. Oru Koodai, though a hip-hop kind of song, appealsin terms of novelty. Vaji Vaji is again pristine Rahman - superb song with Hariharan cpaturing the right pitch and the audience too! Overall, Rahman has definitely pleased Rajni's fans!

Student Name- Vivek

Grade - Somewhere between A and A+

Comments: Sivaji might prove to be the cornerstone which Vivek needed, after he has put himself in a rut, trying to chase hero dreams. All the jokes are very situational and makes you laugh your intestines out! That he has been given screentime that is comparable to superstar itself talks volumes.

(Thanks to a comment, or else Vivek would have not been mentioned here!)

Overall Reuslt for the class - If you are a rajni rasigan, you would have already seen it. For others, go for it only for Rajni.


Blogeswari said...

Cool !

I agree with the grades.. but irundaalum Shriya-kku nee kudutha grade konjam.. sorry romba too much.. idellam romba partiality Sir :)

Shriya C minus

More than centre fresh, Fair n lovely kku semma placement.wonder evlo kaasu went to AVM for that

Arunkumar said...

came to ur blog via Ambi's !!

Nice review. Reflected most of my thoughts..
I would have given A or a B to Shankar just for wanting to show Rajini younger/smashy/mottai boss... the way, his fans like him !!!

Also, shankar has donned a "rajini fan" cap more than his own which i feel has done good..

Well said abt Sujatha / KV.Anand
Lawrence must be applauded too for his efforts with athiradee choreography..

overall, nice review. Sivaji and Thalaivar ROCKS !!!

C minus thaan partiality !!
she does look gr8 in the movie and esp in the songs.. nadippu ellam yaaru edirpaartha tamil heroines kitta :)

Deepa said...

How could you have forgotten Vivek? Sacrilege!

Karthik Sriram said...

@ Deepa,

mistake rectified!

ambi said...

//Perhpas the next Simran on the cards - good looks (understatement?) //

ROTFL :) karthik, unakku shreya pidikkumnu sollu i accept it. but next simran ellam too much ooo much. :p
*ahem, oru shreya pic pottu irukalaam. :)

All grades are ok esp for rajni. :)

well said, shankar needs a break.

//nadippu ellam yaaru edirpaartha tamil heroines kitta//
@arun, LOL :)
(innocently) appo makkal enna ethir paakraanga from tamil heroines..? :p

Karthik Sriram said...


Nandri Annathey!


Shriya pic potruppen, but apram avalukkum enakkum iruka link veli pattu evlo valibargalin manadhai punpadutha virumbala! :P

Kittu said...

Hi, Had a chance to visit ur blog thro ambi's.
Good review , had given grades like a teacher :) agree with all except shreya's grades.!

//Perhpas the next Simran on the cards - good looks (understatement?) //

Hey..can't compare shreya with Simmu :)
tooooo much !

Suresh Kumar said...

Nice review man. ofcourse we have same thoughts abt the movie. But 'Sahana' was the best song from Sivaji. Though the screenplay is weak, Shankar teaches a lesson on how to place the products inside the movie, none of them looked like a deliberate insertion....

NIRMAL said...


You have to be very careful while reviewing movies esp when it is rajini..if u write something really bad ..rajini fans will screw ur blog

I wholeheartedly agree to ur ratings..
Shreya can be A+.
Sankar let us down with his screenplay in the second half i thought

all in all its worth watching for Rajni :)

Blogeswari said...

sureshkumar :ofcouse 'SAHANA' is a super song.. K, enna songs a pathi mention-e kanoam

ambi: 2 much... iru unnoda thangamani kita solaren unnoda shriya alanjax a pathi.. thank god google is blocked @ ur workplace... illati unoda presentation slides la yellam avadaan iruppa

K: avan shriya pathi oru ALPA comment adukku nee ada vida ALPA reply.. thaangaladaa sami :)

Yuva said...

yet to see man . btw there was an article in Hindu's sunday magazine titled "Fans dont make a following" saying rajni may not be successful if he enters politics .